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Say hello to our nourishing body lotion!

Words Horace
Photos Louis Canadas

The Horace moisturiser, now for your body.

So far, our range of bodycare products consisted of our shower gels and our deodorant. We’re very proud to introduce you to its latest addition: a nourishing body lotion.

This new lotion is 98% natural, silicone- and paraben-free. As is the case with all other Horace products, it contains no harmful ingredients. It’s suitable for all skin types, because we all go through dry spells sometimes.

It contains papyrus milk and organic shea butter, and will leave your skin soft, nourished, and protected. Papyrus has long been known for its nourishing properties, as well as being a great writing material, obviously. In Ancient Egypt, it was used for hair and skincare. If this isn’t the definition of time-tried, we don’t know what is.

To make our lotion as practical to use as possible, we focused on its texture, ensuring you can get dressed as soon as you’ve applied the lotion: it penetrates quickly, isn’t sticky, and leaves no residue. You’ll be able to moisturise your skin and put on your nicest shirt directly after. It’s the same process we applied to our face moisturisers. No more sticky skin for hours on end.

Our lotion has a refreshing scent you might recognise from some of our shower gels. Hint, it’s peppermint. Its freshness is ideal for instant post-exercise recovery, or for a morning boost. Not to say you can’t use this lotion in the evening or whenever your skin needs it, of course.

It comes in a super practical format too: a 250ml bottle with a pump dispenser. Easy to use, anywhere, anytime.

Soft skin is only a bottle of nourishing lotion away, what are you waiting for? ;)

Nourishing body lotion

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