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Keep a close shave

Horace teaches you the secrets of a perfect shave in 8 easy steps.

The eight steps for a perfect shave
For closer shaves, without getting cut

Shaving is an art that should be part of any self-respecting man’s fundamental skills. It requires patience, finesse, and a few rules, generally passed down by a kind-hearted parent. If this wasn’t the case for you - as it too often happens - Horace is here to help.

What tools you should use

Only teenagers, and hurried or imprecise men cut themselves while shaving. Carefully choosing your shaving tools will help you avoid collateral damage due to improper shaving, and achieve a clean shave, and cheeks as soft as a baby’s. Adequately deciding upon which razor to use is a tricky situation. You might already be used to shaving with average quality razors. Given how crucial this little tool is, you are playing a very dangerous game.

For a perfect shave, you’ll need the following helpful tools:

  • a regularly-maintained razor
  • your usual face cleanser
  • an exfoliating product or a shave brush
  • a preshave lotion, which you can replace with a hot towel
  • a shave cream, oil or gel, all much more efficient than shave foam
  • an aftershave

How do you achieve the perfect shave

First step: check yourself out

We recommend taking the weekend to study your beard growth. Because we know some of our stylish customers might be too busy to take this time off shaving, here’s a cheat sheet: facial hair generally grow from top to bottom on the cheeks, and from bottom to top on the neck.

Second step: prepare your skin

It is of the utmost importance for your skin to be prepared for the stress it is about to endure. To prepare your skin, stick to your usual face cleanser, and combine it with an exfoliating product. By exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells, you will also help your facial hair stand up, thereby minimising the risk of nasty ingrown hairs. A gentle cleansing and exfoliating product should do the trick. Follow this by applying a preshave lotion or a warm towel to your face to best prepare your skin.

Purifying face cleanser Purifying face cleanser
Face scrub Face scrub

Third step: apply your shave formula

There are two types of men. The more traditional kind will choose to apply their shave formula with a shave brush. On the other hand, if you are a proud supporter of badger rights, you can also use your hands. Pick your formula depending on what you expect to achieve: a see-through gel will be more convenient if you're after maximum precision, while a shave cream will be your go-to if you expect a rich shave.

Shave cream Shave cream
Shave gel Shave gel

Fourth step: start with the sides

Sideburns being completely out of the question - for obvious reasons - you should start by shaving the sides of your face, just to make sure you’re never tempted to let anything grow out. Shave from top to bottom, and hold your razor firmly, without going to hard on your skin.

Fifth step: on the difficulty of shaving your neck

The area surrounding your Adam’s apple is particularly delicate to shave, due to the hairs’ unruly growth. Nobody likes anarchy, let alone stylish men. Stick to shaving in the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs and other irritations.

Sixth step: finish it off

At this stage you should only be left with a goatee. Quickly shave it off; you wouldn’t want anything to happen to you while you’re sporting such a disastrous beard.

Seventh step: much deserved rest and relaxation

Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse off your face and neck with cold water to tighten the skin’s pores. Apply a soothing aftershave gel to moisturise your skin and prevent irritations.

Eighth step: start your day like a king

Good job, you did it! If it seemed a bit difficult, keep in mind that practice makes perfect! You’ll soon be shaving with your eyes closed.

Aftershave gel Aftershave gel

Some extra advice

Shaving is like sports and politics, in that you should choose a side and stick to your guns, like a proper gentleman. In this case you’ll be asked to choose between electric and manual razors. It goes without saying that you are an educated 21st century man, and now that the novelty of electric razors has worn off, you will choose correctly, i.e., its manual counterpart. Make sure it is properly maintained, and remember to regularly rinse it when you’re shaving.

If you are looking to tame a long and thick beard, let your clipper bear the brunt of the work, before taking over manually. This is the only situation in which technology is allowed. In all other circumstances, your blades will suffice.

Oh, and if needed, we also made a video.

Bon, et sinon, on a fait une vidéo.

How to shave, by Anto

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