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Our beard products are here!

Words Horace
Photos Louis Canadas

A shampoo and an oil, for a more beautiful beard.

Bearded friends, rejoice: our beard range is here! Two products for softer, better-looking, and smoother beards. A shampoo to clean your facial hair, and an oil to nourish it and make it shine. These products complete our existing shaving range, and ensure that whatever the length of your beard, Horace has what you need. Now for the introductions...

Our beard shampoo

This 98.9% natural beard shampoo contains nourishing Jamaican black castor oil, soothing aloe vera, and moisturising linseed oil. It is ideal to thoroughly clean your beard without irritating your skin. Our beard shampoo is sulfate-free, silicone-free, and mineral oil-free. It will help you feel as comfortable in your beard as you are in your own shoes. Its cedar and eucalyptus scent is fresh and invigorating. In other words, this shampoo offers everything you need to start your day with a clean, refreshed, and soft beard.

Beard shampoo

Our beard oil

This 100% natural oil contains Jamaican black castor oil to soften your beard and give it body, and grapeseed oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal to nourish your beard without leaving any greasy residue, because nobody wants to feel like they have a deep-fat fryer on their face. Like the shampoo, this oil has a fresh and pleasant cedar and eucalyptus scent..

Beard oil

Both these products have forest green containers, as is the case for our shaving range. The shampoo comes in a bottle with a practical pump, and the oil comes in a bottle from which you’ll easily be able to get the few drops of oil needed for your beard, and small enough for you to carry around everywhere.

You’re going to love taking care of your beard.

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