How to get rid of a shiny forehead?

How to get rid of a shiny forehead?

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We get this question a lot, in your emails to us, and via the website’s chat. A shiny forehead is bothersome. However, it is a rather common predicament, which raises the question of when you should really start to worry about it.

It is perfectly normal for you to take a little time to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. This often leads to a troubling realisation: you have a shiny forehead. Right. Is it really that bad though? We have the answers you need.

Who does it happen to?

Contrary to popular belief, a shiny forehead doesn’t necessarily mean you have oily skin. While it is true that an oily skin can often lead to a shiny forehead, it would be an oversimplification to say that all shiny foreheads are the sign of an oily skin. Oily skin affects the entirety of the face.

Take a closer look at your skin: if it is only oily in the T-zone, i.e., your forehead, nose, and chin, and dry on the rest of your face, chances are you have combination skin. In other words, your skin hosts both oily and dry areas.

All skin types produce sebum throughout the day. For this reason, even dry and normal skins can seem to be oily in specific parts of the face. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon, and absolutely nothing to lose sleep about.

When should you start worrying about it?

All depends on how often and how bad this infamous oily forehead is. We understand you would rather shine through your ideas than because of excess sebum.

You should start worrying if you notice your shiny forehead on a daily basis, and not a day goes by without your face looking oily. Should you also be subject to recurring spots on your forehead, there is little doubt your forehead is indeed oily. You will have to deal with the situation accordingly.

How to avoid it

Everybody can have an “off” day. However, it is preferable to try to avoid repeating them. Here’s how to do it.

Make sure to regularly clean your skin with a gentle cleanser, and moisturise it often (once to twice a day, as necessary) with a light cream. An oily forehead should not be deprived of moisturising, as this would only make the situation worse due to the dry skin secreting more sebum as a reaction.

In any case, using a sebo-regulating cleanser and a balancing moisturiser will leave you with an impeccable skin.

Applying a purifying mask to your T-zone will help deeply unclog this area of your skin, which is the most subject to excess sebum and blackheads. But the perfect partner when it comes to regulating sebum is our oil control duo. The combined benefits of our tonic lotion and purifying face mask eliminate imperfections, clear excess sebum and get rid of unwanted shine.

In conclusion, don’t get aggravated by a shiny forehead, in particular if this isn’t a regular occurrence. No need to invest in products for oily skin, which will only increase your sebum production, making the situation worse.

A few simple adjustments will be enough to make your forehead better without completely blocking your shine.

Avoid the shiny forehead

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