A Day in the life of… Boris Brejcha

A Day in the life of… Boris Brejcha


Photos Felix Hohagen

Words Paul-Arthur Jean-Marie

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We chatted with the german DJ about wellness and his new music.

Since last year, it's been a complicated time for artists, how do you cope and how did you adapt your activities ?

Yes that's right. In the beginning, I really enjoyed spending more time at home and switching off. I spent the entire last summer at home in my garden. I've never been able to do that before, so that was great. Still, I never got lazy and kept doing what I enjoy the most. Producing music in the studio. But slowly it could start again for my taste.

How has this time changed you ?

Good question... I think I've learned that switching off is really important. I'm a true workaholic and I also love my work. But I've realized that every once in a while I need someone to slow me down. I understood that it's okay to sleep an extra day and that it's important to rest once in a while. Now that I've had a few gigs again, I've realized how stressful the whole touring life is. I wasn't used to that anymore. That opens your eyes and you see that you might have to shift down a gear now and then.

How did you take care of your mental health ?

I place special emphasis on spending real quality time with friends and family. My girlfriend and I usually have a quiet evening on the couch. Such rituals are important to be relaxed. In addition, I surround myself only with people who are good for me and let trouble get to me as little as possible. I am generally a relaxed person. This often helps me to stay calm.

What is the inspiration behind your work ?

I am often asked that. I take my inspiration from everything I experience. But especially from my emotions. That is, I think, also the reason why my songs are all so different. I process my state of mind in them.

How is it important to take care of yourself ? Why ? When did you start ?

This is very important!!! You must not lose sight of yourself at any time. But fortunately this is easy for me. I am calm and composed in many situations and also know that you don't always have to answer your cell phone when someone calls, for example. I like to go to the sauna and I can take a good distance from things. However, I may still have to learn to work less now and then.

How do you take care of yourself ? Sport routine ? Skincare routine ? Eating routine ?

As I mentioned above, I have several routines. I get up really early in the morning with my girlfriend. Around 4 o'clock in the morning. Then I have a coffee in peace and we have an early breakfast. I like to start the day relaxed, even before everyone else is awake. That's kind of my personal me-time. I'm also very family-oriented. We cook together at home nearly every day and always go to bed together. We watch series together and enjoy our quiet time. I love that.

Do you have an ultimate grooming secret ?

No haha, not really. I like to go to massage. But other than that, I put cream on my face and body. That's it. No frills.

Can you say today you're comfortable in your own skin ?

I think so. I would actually like to gain a little more weight and build more muscle, but it's not that easy for me. I eat a lot but manage it only slowly. My metabolism is throwing a spanner in the works. But that's okay. I like me and I think others would be happy if they had this problem haha.

Your latest single ‘Take A Ride’ has just come out, can you tell us a bit more about the track, inspiration for it or any themes behind it ?

This is another one of the songs I did with Ginger. The melody really reminds me of a good summer day with beautiful weather. Real road trip feelings. We then thought of a suitable vocal for it and chose the name. Definitely a cool song that I personally really like. It somehow takes you on a journey. Really good one.