A closer look on glycolic acid

A closer look on glycolic acid

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Glycolic acid is incredible. It can be found in exfoliating solutions, serums, and moisturisers for many reasons. It exfoliates, aiding the collagen production, apart from its many other benefits. It isn’t part of your routine yet? Let us tell you all about it and you will be convinced that you need it!

All about glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid, also known as AHA. It is often derived from sugar cane or pineapple. It forms the AHA family, next to lactic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid.

The distinguishing feature of glycolic acid is its simplicity and small size. It is the AHA with the lowest molecular weight. This is a crucial detail: it allows it to penetrate the skin better and thus, to be highly effective.

What does glycolic acid do on the skin?

It has multiple effects on the skin. It’s particularly well-known for its exfoliating properties. No rubbing necessary since the molecules of glycolic acid react without contact. Thanks to its chemical reaction it accelerates the regeneration of your skin cells.

The lightness of glycolic acid also allows it to work in the deeper layers of your skin. This is how it stimulates collagen production, making your skin firmer and smoother. Thanks to its effects on the surface and a deeper level, glycolic acid makes the skin softer, more radiant, and more even.

When should it be used?

Glycolic acid will be useful if you want to make your skin firmer, more radiant, or if you want to exfoliate. If you’re looking for exfoliation, go for products where it has high levels of concentration. For instance, in our Skin-Perfecting Exfoliating Solution. This solution contains AHA and BHA ingredients to exfoliate the skin thanks to the AHA and reduce blemishes thanks to the BHA.

If your concern is to firm and brighten your skin, a lighter serum would be fitting. The glycolic acid will work in the depth of your skin to stimulate collagen production. We have integrated it in our Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum, where, combined with vitamin C, it will make your skin more radiant, avoid hyperpigmentation and pigment spots.

In short, glycolic acid is a real ally. At Horace, we love it, which is why we have included it in 2 products! Spoil yourself!

Skin-Perfecting Exfoliating Solution
Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum