Bisous Horace Trio

What does it do?

This trio combines the three limited edition products from our collaboration with Bisous Skateboards: the Tuberose & Santal Wood Shower Gel, the Purifying Face Mask and the Bisous Horace T-Shirt. The three products are decorated with two interlaced hearts, the symbol of our collaboration. This trio was made to be shared with your favourite person.

How to use it?

Put it on after a shower with our Tuberose & Santal Wood Shower Gel and before a Purifying Face Mask. All with your favourite person!

Choose your size

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Your selection includes:

  • Tuberose & Santal Wood Shower Gel

    Tuberose & Santal Wood Shower Gel


    This natural, paraben-free shower gel gently cleanses and soothes your skin. Each use is a moment of calm and relaxation.

  • Purifying Face Mask

    Purifying Face Mask


    The mask purifies your skin and reduces excess sebum, impurities and oversized pores. The skin returns to being clear, soft and soothed.

  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - XS

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - XS


    This t-shirt was designed with Bisous Skateboards for Valentine's Day. It is made to celebrate sharing.

  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - S

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - S


  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - M

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - M


  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - L

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - L


  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - XL

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - XL


  • Bisous Horace T-shirt - XXL

    Bisous Horace T-shirt - XXL


Bisous Horace

Horace and Bisous Skateboards get together for Valentine’s Day! 3 products to cuddle up, by yourself, with someone or more: a flower and wood-scented Shower Gel, a T-shirt, a larger-sized Purifying Face Mask. 2 hearts cuddling: on the products, on the t-shirt, in your life. 1 collaboration between Paris and Provence, grooming and skate, to share (or to keep for yourself).