We present the A to Z of hair styling and care.

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What ?
The secrets of a perfect haircut

Why ?
For hair and styling that will make you stand out

How ?
Excellent shampoo, a loyal hairdresser, and good styling products


Whether you are a former soldier, a banker, or a hippie (much to your parents’ despair), it is very likely that your hairstyle reflects your personality and intimate secrets to a certain extent.

How to take care of your hair

A few simple steps will help keep your hair clean, healthy and impeccable. We recommend you make these steps a habit if you want your significant other to never stop running their hands through your soft hair.

First step: wash sparingly
Hair washing is quite the debate. It feels like the rules of hair washing have been discussed since the dawn of time, a bit like the proper quantity of Vermouth needed to make the perfect Dry Martini. Some say you should wash your hair every day. Others say only once a year is enough. For most people, we recommend one to three washes a week, with three for athletes or those directly exposed to dust and pollutants.

There are shampoos for all hair types and problems. For example, oily hair requires the use of shampoo with active sebo-regulating ingredients, such as Baxter of California's Daily Protein Shampoo. On the other hand, dry hair requires the use of moisturising shampoo. To treat dandruff there is specific dandruff shampoo which used alternatively with normal shampoo, controls the production of dandruff and prevents itchiness.

Second step: nourish to tame and revitalise
The use of conditioners is unnecessarily controversial. Indeed, they are particularly useful for fine hair, dry hair, and hair that’s difficult to style. Conditioners moisturise, nourish and make hair shiny. Pretty useful if you ask us.

Third step: easy styling
Good hair gel should help you style your hair perfectly, while also being easy to rinse out. It will leave no residue, separating you from the most common of football players. Choose your products based on the occasion. Shiny, slicked back hair will probably offend the most conservative of your professional contacts. Unless he’s Italian, that is.

Fourth step: find a hairdresser you trust
For a long time, men have considered that long hair and a long, thick beard were the ultimate symbols of masculinity. A legend severely undermined by Joaquin Phoenix’s I’m still Here-era choices. You will be as masculine with shorter hair, trust us. If you opt for a shorter cut, plan for a monthly visit to your hairdresser: a good hairdresser will become your friend, and even an ally. He will help you achieve a successful love life thanks to your perfect haircut, and will provide a shoulder to cry on when it doesn’t work out. The main criteria to choose a good hairdresser are his general knowledge of sports, a passion for fast cars, and the ability to use scissors.

What to avoid
When it comes to your hair, there are two main threats: oily hair, and baldness. The first threat can be managed through certain habits. If nothing can really prevent the second, these tips might help postpone the unavoidable.

Hat overdose
First off, with all due respect to the strange people who wear beanies inside coffee shops and restaurants, it definitely isn’t recommended to keep your hair covered too much. Fans of caps and fedoras, let your hair breathe. They need sunlight as much as you to avoid prematurely falling out or becoming too oily. Hats are only really acceptable in two situations: to hide your dirty hair after an eventful night, and when it’s extremely sunny, to avoid sunstrokes.

Hardcore drying
A hairdryer is a dangerous weapon. By heating your hair up, it is also drying it out. Stylish men should choose to dry their hair daily with a soft towel, using a hairdryer for specific purposes only, such as achieving a rockabilly pompadour styling for a rock ’n’ roll-themed fancy dress party.