Let Horace guide you through a few easy steps to make sure your face always looks its best.

The nitty-gritty

The daily steps and occasional treatments to take care of your face

Perfect facial skin

Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating
and deep cleansing


Your face is the first thing people see, and unless you’re a nudist, the only part of your body that is always visible. Thankfully, you can easily take care of it on a daily basis with suitable soap and a moisturising cream, as well as an exfoliating lotion and a mask for deep cleansing on occasion.

First step: start by properly cleansing to remove impurities
It is about time we put an end to a very popular misconception: washing your face with water and traditional soap is a very bad idea, due to your facial skin being much more fragile than your body’s skin. As dry and oily skin types have different needs, it is essential you use a cleansing lotion that is suitable for your skin. Some areas of your face are more subject to spots and blackheads than others. If this is the case for you, pay special attention to your nose and chin, which are commonly the most affected.

Second step: moisturise your face for a better skin tone and to protect your skin
Be careful not to neglect moisturising on a daily basis. Urban life can be hard on your skin, and proper moisturising will help protect it against pollutants, as well as be clearer and smoother. There’s a war going on between your skin and urban life, and your moisturising cream will be the shield it needs.

Third step: remove dead skin cells with an exfoliating sponge
An exfoliating sponge will remove dead surface skin cells from your face. These skin cells gather and affect your skin tone and general complexion evenness. Don’t let these skin cells build up, and take action as soon as you think it is necessary, once to twice a week. Our exfoliating binchotan sponge is perfectly suited to assist you in this task.

Fourth step: unclog your pores with a mask
Your facial skin will require a deep cleansing every two weeks. To do so, you’ll need some alone time at home and a cleansing mask. This mask will remove deep-seated impurities and thus purify your skin. Sit back in your most comfortable chair, open a book, and let the mask go to work on your skin for 10 or so minutes.

The aforementioned steps are easy, and should become part of your routine.

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