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Beard and shaving

Shaving cream

Cream to cushion the razor's blade and prevent irritation. Quick and easy to apply, it is the busy man's best friend.

Shaving oil

Excellent cushion and maximum protection for dry and/or sensitive skins. Transparent, easy to use, even for the clumsiest of men.

Shaving soap

Traditionally used to build a cushion for shaving. Is applied with a shave brush and some elbow grease.

Aftershave balm

Thick cream to repair and moisturise the skin after a shave. Particularly recommended for dry and/or sensitive skins.

Aftershave lotion

Antiseptic and healing lotion to help skin recover from a shave. Best suited for normal to oily skins.

Aftershave milk

Liquid cream to repair and moisturise the skin after a shave. Particularly recommended for dry and/or sensitive skins.

Razors and blades

Tools to cut, trim, and shave facial hair according to your style and mood.

Badger brush

Brush to spread the shave soap and make it lather. Can also be used with shave cream, despite what purists might say.

Shampoo and wipes

Dynamic duo to maintain a clean beard all day long. Particularly recommended after crumby or oily meals.

Beard oil

Light oil to give your beard some shine without making it oily, surprisingly.


Light cream to be applied on your beard after you've shampooed it. Rinse off for a nourished and healthy beard.



Cleaning solution for your hair. To be applied at most three times a week, based on your hair type.


Light cream to be applied on your hair after you've shampooed it. Rinse off for nourished and healthy hair.


Miracle solution for damaged or very dry hair, to be used once a week. Remember to let it rest a few minutes.

Styling pomades

Light water-based cream to style your hair in your image: never over the top.

Styling spray

Light mist to spray on your hair to make sure your styling lasts all day.


Essential accessory to always have perfectly styled hair. Fits as well in a blazer's inside pocket as in a hoodie's front pocket.


Lotion to protect your hair against the sun, and keep it soft, even when the summer is over.

After sun cream

Cream to nourish and soothe sun- and sea water-dried hair.


Cleansing gel

Cleansing gel to remove all impurities every morning and/or night, and give your skin a fresh start.


Cream to keep the skin moisturised and protected against daily pollutants. Apply liberally.

Exfoliating sponge

Sponge to delicately remove dead skin cells and impurities.

Exfoliating cleanser

Light lotion to remove impurities from the skin.

Cleansing mask

Lotion to let rest for a deep skin cleansing. Instagram and Financial Times compatible.


Lotion to control the shine and dilated pores that can occur at the end of the day. Apply before a night out for impeccably fresh skin.

Night cream

Cream to be applied before going to bed, letting the skin rest and regenerate in total comfort while you're snoozing.

Anti-ageing cream

Cream to prevent premature ageing and its signs.


Lotion with high active ingredient content to efficiently handle specific problems.

Exfoliating mask

Lotion to let rest for a total skin exfoliation. Instagram and Financial Times compatible.

Sun stick

High SPF. Very resistant, and as such particularly appropriate for water sports and other activities, including beach paddle ball.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap, as its name suggests. Very easy to use. Pour out into your hand and then create a lather all over your body.

Bar soap

Bar soap, very popular among shower purists. Sometimes slippery, it might keep slipping out of your hands at first. Keep trying.

Soapless bar soap

Soapless bar soap. Just as efficient to wash with, strongly recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin types.

Exfoliating balm

To be used once a week in the shower, in addition to your usual soap-based cleanser, to remove all dry cells and impurities from the skin.



In spray, ball, or wipe format, deodorant to help maintain a body odour which will be pleasant for your entourage, hence enabling you to keep a healthy social life.

Moisturising cream

Cream which helps your skin stay moisturised, and creates a protective barrier against daily pollutants.


Cream or lotion to protect the skin against the sun, and ensure tans don't turn red.

Aftersun protection

Cream or lotion to refresh and soothe the skin after excessive heat and/or sunburns.



Mouth cleanser to be applied with a toothbrush and elbow grease. Or simply patience, if your toothbrush is of the electric kind.


Small tool with hairs designed to brush your teeth. Works even better with toothpaste and when the brushing is vigorous.


Liquid mouthwash to be gargled for perfect mouth and teeth hygiene, as well as fresh breath.


Small wooden tool which - as stated in its name - will pick food residue out of your teeth, preventing it from spoiling your smile.



The buzzcut

Minimalist, low-maintenance haircut which will keep hair out of your eyes for good, and show your face in its best light. The buzzcut is a very short cut, with the entire head clipped down to one centimeter, which will also end up saving you loads of time in the morning. Be careful though, this cut’s length should be regularly maintained.

The fade

There are many different types of fades. The skin fade, for example, is a cut where the sides are shaved down with a razor and the top is a little longer. Similar to the Pompadour, but shorter.

The Pompadour

David Beckham’s haircut of choice: a bit of a length on top, much shorter sides, and a fade between both.

The undercut

First sported by David Bowie in the 70s, the undercut consists in shaved down sides for clear ear and neck areas, with real length on top (at least 8 cm). The perfect cut for those hesitating between long or short hair. Bonus benefit: can be styled in many different ways.

The man bun

While the man bun has experienced an exponential growth of the past few years, this haircut has been around since Antiquity. Back then it symbolised spirituality and strength, and is now more of an eccentricity some men are very fond of. If you should choose to try out the man bun, make sure your hair is clean, or you’ll come across as simply too lazy to shampoo.

The Rockabilly Pompadour

A decidedly retro haircut for people who like to spend their weekends dancing rock’n’roll. It requires excellent hair gel and a hair dryer to hold. Gets the Danny Zuko stamp of approval.

The bowl cut

A cut you were probably forced into having as a child by your parents. Fringe on the front and the same length around the head. A brave choice if you aren’t a monk.


Tight braided hair. The haircut, Marc Briant-Terlet, cofounder of Horace, displayed for a long time when he was a teenager. His dancehall singer career never took off.

The top knot

If you’re having difficulties choosing between two of the trendiest current hairstyles, go for a top knot, a clever blend of the undercut and the man bun. Be warned though, you might be mistaken for Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Colin Farrell.

The crew cut

A classic among classics: 5 centimeters all over the head. As seen - in particular - on Sean Connery in James Bond, this cut will ensure you look classy in all situations.

The afro

Frizzy hair that are let grow. A great hommage to the 70s.

The dreadlocks

Hair that were let grown, without any help, no comb, no brush, no razor, no scissors. Total freedom. It has a price: the dreadlock has a political dimension that must be known in order to wear right.

The mullet

Short at the front and sides, long at the back. Cannot be worn, period.

The comb-over

A very structured cut, consists in long hair on the top of the head which is combed or slicked back using styling products. The perfect cut for the perfect gentleman. A comb-over can take on different variations based on your style and taste.


Beard styles

The goatee

Beard style that was once worn by men as respectable as Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio, in what we can only assume was a momentary lapse of reason. A goatee consists in shaved cheeks with hair left only on the chin and a moustache. All in all, a terrible idea.

The moustache

Hair located above the top lip. It used to be a classic among men, but has become rarer, so much so that it is now a symbol of audacity or a means of raising awareness (see Movember).

The long beard

Found mostly on the faces of gurus and seasoned apathetic, sloppy men. Basically a long, unkempt beard. Goes perfectly with a career in the arts. Signature style for Robert Wyatt and Rick Rubin.

The 3-day stubble beard

As stated in its name, this style simply consists in a 3-day beard growth. Rumour has it some men regularly trim down their beard to maintain a permanent 3-day stubble. Seems like a good idea.

The perfect beard

A thick and impeccably trimmed beard which is clearly very well taken care of by its owner. Found on many different faces, from douchebag king Dan Bilzerian to pro baller James Harden.

The mutton chops

Style chosen by Wolverine, the Marvel super hero who is badly in need of a manicure. Mutton chops consist in long, grown out sideburns. A rare and bold choice that will definitely make you stand out. Possibly for the wrong reasons, though.

Skin types

Sensitive skin

Sensitive, redness-prone skin, which tends to react strongly to environmental factors. Requires specific, gentle products.

Oily skin

Imperfect, shiny skin. Particularly prone to blackheads and other sebum excesses which can lead to outbreaks.

Combination skin

Combination skin consists of oily areas (in general the T-zone), and dry areas. This skin type requires two skincare routines: one for the dry area and another for the oily one.

Dry skin

Tight and rough skin. It can be caused by various deficiencies - lipids in particular - by environmental factors, or by the regular use of overly aggressive products or hard water.

Normal skin

The lucky man’s skin. Tends to get a little drier in winter, but never to the extent where it may cause its owner any major inconvenience. A completely normal skin, so much so it borders on being a tad boring.

Dried out skin

Sometimes, climatic conditions dry a normal skin out. An issue happening, mostly during winter and after a shower that was too hot.

Dull skin

A skin that lacks radiance and looks tired. Happens mostly after a short night or days that were too long. You then end up paler than usual, and your friends and colleagues worry about your health.

Very light skin

A very pale skin, particularly reactive to UV and concerned by sunburns. Needs a strong sun protection if you decide to go shirtless at the pool.

Light skin

Less pale than the very light skin, it also needs a strong sun protection, just slightly less than the latter. this skin is SPF30 ready, basically.

Dark skin

A darker skin, obviously. It has a tendency to be drier, but gets tanned more easily. Cannot have everything.


The scale allowing, in chemistry, to measure the acidity. In grooming, it's the best way to identify your skin type: a normal skin has a 6.5 pH, meaning it's balanced. Below this, it is dry. Above that, oily. Easy as 1, 2, 3.


Part of your face consisting of the forehead, nose and chin. For combination skins, the T-zone is the oily area of the face. The T-zone is favourable ground for spots.

Other concerns


Dead skin cells found on the scalp. Dandruff can be dry or oily. In the latter case, they are due to excessive sebum production and can suffocate hair follicles.

Ingrown hair

Hair growing under the skin, which can prove to be quite painful once it gets infected. Can cause skin outbreaks.


A comedo which forms in the face’s most oily areas, in particular the T-zone. Blackheads are caused by excess sebum in the skin’s pores, which oxidise and turn black when exposed to air.


Skin condition marked by numerous spots caused by excess sebum and blocked pores.

Oily hair

Shiny hair due to various reasons such as stress, pollution, excessive washing, but also the hair’s nature. This condition can be treated by washing with specific oily hair shampoo.

Dry hair

Rough, dry hair that lacks hydration. Dry hair is also often brittle. Often caused by excessive and aggressive treatment.


To be avoided at all costs.

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