Soothing touch

    Balancing face moisturiser


    All skin types

    Natural balancing and mattifying prickly pear oil and provitamin B5-based cream.

    After shave balm

    Baxter of California

    All skin types

    Mint-scented alcohol-free soothing and moisturisng balm made with aloe vera and tea.
    Murdock London - Post-shave balm
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    Post-shave balm

    Murdock London

    All skin types

    Soothing and moisturising chamomile, calendula and mint-enriched aftershave balm.

    Arlington aftershave

    D.R. Harris

    Dry to oily skin

    Soothing and refreshing citrus and fern-scented aftershave lotion.

    Pink aftershave

    D.R. Harris

    Sensitive skin

    Soothing and moisturising rose-scented aftershave lotion to leave your skin impeccable.

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